Product Development

This section presents Bell expectations and requirements in the area of product development (Engineering and Design). These are in addition to the expectations and requirements presented elsewhere in this site. 

Flight Safety Primary and Critical Parts

Program Management

It is Bell's expectation that suppliers will use a multi-disciplinary approach for decision making and a documented program tracking system that includes key events and "target versus actual" timing. Suppliers shall identify people involved in decision making by name, title or responsibility, and phone numbers. Designated individuals are required for evaluating quality, reliability, health, safety, environmental issues, product service and cost. Suppliers shall maintain a manufacturing and construction flow chart covering the entire project from purchases.

A Program Manager is possibly the individual that could satisfy the requirements, e.g. , a central spokesman, scheduler, engineering problem(s) solver and status supplier. PM is a key person Bell can contact regarding any information, solutions, or problems that may occur over the lifetime of the contract.

Suppliers are encouraged to develop the PM function in order to provide a quick response to the many areas of concerns. Our mutual business survival will depend on how quickly and how effectively Our Team can respond to the every day business decisions. We encourage you, our suppliers, to join us in becoming the world's premier vertical-lift company.