Design and Development Capabilities

Suppliers are expected to have the technical and personnel resources to support all phases of the design, development and engineering. Suppliers shall design and manufacture their products and issue periodic progress reports in accordance with Bell Helicopter, Textron (BHT) requirements. Suppliers will dedicate appropriate resources and facilities to support the design and development processes. Suppliers should be capable of conducting or participating in:

  1. Quality, Design, Stress and Fatigue Analysis, Reliability, Maintainability, System Safety, Logistics, Qualification and Configuration Management requirements;
  2. Identifications and documentation of key characteristics based on product function, design intent and other factors such as product safety requirements, government regulations or other requirements;
  3. Performance/cost/risk trade-off studies.

Computer Aided Designs (CAD)

Suppliers are expected to have CAD/CAE capability, experienced personnel and appropriate facilities to perform design and engineering analysis. Suppliers and their technology capabilities in product development are critical to achieving continual improvement. If CAD/CAE is subcontracted, the supplier shall provide project leadership and direction (i.e. , engineering, monitor key events and timing, etc. ). The BHT SOW/RDL, which is a part of the Purchase Order, shall specify the CAD data native format and CAD version required.

Technical Expectations

In addition to those requirements listed in 5.4 above, the supplier is expected to ensure manufacturing feasibility and capability on all requirements identified on the engineering drawings, whether it be the supplier designed or Bell designed parts.

During all program activities, the supplier may be expected to submit a regular program tracking log, depicting the status of the program they are involved with at Bell Special issues may arise from either the supplier or Bell, which are not covered herein; these will need to be addressed if/when they occur. It is the expectation of Bell that these are addressed in a manner mutually beneficial to both parties.

The Supplier is expected to:

  • Assist in the development, maintenance and improvement of specifications for products or processes supplied to Bell Helicopter.
  • Provide health, safety and environmental information as requested with a minimum being a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  • Provide development and ongoing manufacturing support of any product or process supplied to Bell Helicopter.
  • Hardware/Software delivery schedules
  • Data delivery schedule
  • Investigations and/or tests schedules
  • Personnel changes - additions, leaves, or absences

As with all projects of this magnitude and importance, proper execution is vital for success. Team dynamics, discipline, dedication and a sense of urgency are essential. Good parts, required data, and the right people are also essential. Without these essentials, there is no Superior Vertical-Lift Solutions.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Suppliers with design responsibility are required to have the capability to apply Error and Mistake proofing methods to attain improvement and minimize the overall cost of the component. Suppliers shall demonstrate the ability to conduct or participate in the following dimensional analysis activities:

  • Identify and direct the establishment of customer fit objectives
  • Direct and optimize the GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances), establish datum, characteristics and tolerances to achieve fit objectives.
  • Perform complex Statistical Analysis (Worst Case stacks, RMS, etc) and graphical Variation Simulation Analysis to prove/validate objectives and/or GD&T.
  • Review check fixture design & builds for conformance to fit objectives.