Getting Started

Doing Business Electronically With Bell

Trading Partner Registration Form

Bell requires each supplier and customer to register with Bell Helicopter's Electronic Commerce Management Center prior to the beginning of testing. This enables Bell to collect needed information on the trading partner such as points of contact, EDI qualifiers and IDs, software used, etc. Please complete and submit the on-line form below.

A traditional form is also available, if desired. Please print and complete the traditional form. After completion, of the traditional form, please fax it back to the Electronic Commerce Management Center. Fax numbers are listed on the form.

BHTI eCommerce Trading Partner Registration Form

Trading Partnership Agreement

Bell requires each supplier to sign and return the Bell Helicopter EDI Trading Partner Agreement. Until the signed agreement is received by Bell Helicopter, the supplier will not be placed into a production mode for EDI transmissions. This agreement is modeled on the EDI trading partnership agreement developed by the American Bar Association.

BHTI eCommerce Trading Partnership Agreement

Transaction Definitions

The following are EDI implementation guides for the EDI transactions being used at Bell. Each document is in PDF format. Each implementation guide is for ANSI X12 version 4010 unless otherwise noted.

Routine Procurement

X12 Version 4010
Routine Purchase Orders (850)
Routine Purchase Order Acknowledgements (855)
Routine Purchase Order Changes (860)
Routine Purchase Order Change Acknowledgments (865)

Just-In-Time/Commodity Procurement

12 Version 4010
Commodity/ Just-In-Time Releases (850)
Commodity/ Just-In-Time Release Acknowledgments (855)


X12 Version 4010
Functional Acknowledgment (997)