Materiel: Packing Slips / Bill of Lading

Packing slip and master bill of lading, whether for direct shipments or shipments moving through a consolidation point, shall be submitted with every shipment.

Direct Shipments

Direct shipments move directly from a shipping plant to a destination plant. Packing slips shall be prepared in duplicate. One copy of the packing slip is to be firmly attached to the outside of one of the containers in the shipment. The second copy of the packing slip should be placed inside the container.

Packing Slips

The packing slip format shall allow for multiple part numbers, quantity information and show the Bell Helicopter assigned part number.

The following information shall be included on all packing slips.

  • Supplier name and address. (Ship point, not billing office)
  • Supplier Code (I.D.) number (DUNS, if available)
  • Packing slip number
  • Ship To: Bell Helicopter plant address
  • Bill To: Bell Helicopter Accounts Payable
  • Change to Shipped via Routing Instruments on Purchase Order
  • Freight terms (FOB point, collect/prepaid). For Bell Helicopter North America PTA (Premium Transportation Authorization: to be included whenever movement of materiel deviates in any way from the normal supplier's routing instructions
  • Number of unit loads: pallets - containers - cartons, etc.
  • Pieces per unit load
  • Unit of measure - if other than pieces per unit load.
  • Bell Helicopter Purchase Order Number
  • Quantity Shipped
  • Bell Helicopter part number (listed in sequential order)
  • Bell Helicopter part description
  • If product is shipped to an individual, include the name(s) on an attention line
  • Master Bill of Lading

When routing instructions direct you to make a shipment for multiple plants or docks into a single facility, a Master Bill of Lading is required to combine shipments. The master will be consigned to the distribution center. An individual shipper identification number shall identify each ultimate destination shipment included in the master.