Supplier Scorecard

Performance of the suppliers will be measured and published on a monthly basis. Each supplier will be rated in the following metrics. Each metric will be individually scored in a percentage number.

Quality: The Quality Rating is calculated from the total number of conforming parts delivered and the total number of parts delivered in a percent goods parts formula. The Quality Rating is calculated as conforming parts delivered / total parts delivered. It is currently 70% of the overall scorecard rating.

On-Time Delivery: The On-Time Delivery Rating is calculated from the PO units delivered and the PO units scheduled for delivery. On-Time is defined as PO Scheduled Delivery Date. The On-Time Rating is calculated as 100*(1-(Late Units)/(Scheduled Units)). It is currently 30% of the overall scorecard rating.

Cost: The Cost Rating is calculated by scoring each of a supplier’s deliveries over 12 rolling months (1-5 score). The supplier’s final Cost Rating is the average of the line item scores for those 12 months. It is currently not part of the overall scorecard rating but will become part of it in the near future.

For additional information and training documents on the Scorecard and Feedback process, please access Sell2Bell.