FAA Air Transport Pilot Certification (ATP)

Achieve your FAA ATP Certification in the Bell 429 under Bell Training Academy’s FAA Part 142 Training Program.

Air Transport Pilot Certification is the highest level of pilot certification offered by the FAA. With just three days of training and examination, you can earn your ATP certificate at the Bell Training Academy. ATP Certification course is only one day additional compared to the Bell 429 Recurrent course.

Bell 429 NYPD
Course Outline

Bell 429 ATP Certification Course (Days 1 and 2):
  • 8 hrs class room training (4/day)
  • 4 hrs FSTD Training (2 hrs flt w/ brief-debrief)
  • 1.5 hour in-aircraft flight training
  • Aircraft systems written exam*
Bell 429 ATP Certification Course (Day 3):
  • FAA Certificate preparation*
  • 2 hrs ATP Oral Examination*
  • 2 hrs ATP Practical Flight Examination*
*Additional events compared to Bell 429 Recurrent training

  • Completed Bell 429 Initial Ground and Flight Training Course
  • Complete 1200 helicopter flight hours
  • Hold Rotary Wing commercial and instrument ratings
  • Hold at least a third class FAA medical certificate
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Have completed the FAA-written ATP Exam
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