Flight Safety

Bell has a strong history of providing the highest level of support to the customer. From the development of our products through the operational safety or our fielded fleet, Bell is dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the safety and performance demands of the industry.

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Safety Outreach

In addition to direct interaction with our customer base, as a leader in the helicopter community Bell actively participates in global safety outreach efforts through multiple community efforts to include the United States Helicopter Safety Team.

Safety Management Systems

Bell has a long history with SMS and is a leader in the current efforts for OEMs to develop and implement an SMS for Design and Manufacturing. As members of the helicopter community providing this extra level of safety management in our own design and manufacturing processes helps ensure the quality and airworthiness of our product.

Accident Investigation

Bell provides world-wide accident investigation support for governmental authorities. Should an authorized government investigative authority desire technical assistance in the course of an investigation involving a Bell product, please contact Bell Flight Safety at flightsafety@bellflight.com

Flight Safety Awards

Bell provides a Pilot Safety Award Certificate for hours flown without an accident in a Bell. This can be achieved in either a military of commercial aircraft. The award is given in thousand hour increments. For more details on the requirements for the award or to apply, please visit this page for more information.

Destroyed Aircraft

The links below provide information about known destroyed and retired aircraft or potentially destroyed aircraft. If you feel an aircraft is incorrectly listed, please contact Bell Flight Safety.

Flight Safety Group Contact

Bell Helicopter Textron
Manager, Continued Operational Safety

PO Box 482
Fort Worth, Texas 76101
United States of America

E-mail: flightsafety@bellflight.com
Phone: +1-817-280-2676