Bell Training Academy, Fort Worth, USA

The state-of-the-art Bell Training Academy occupies 100,000 square feet of classroom, lab and hangar space in Fort Worth, Texas. Maintenance and pilot instructors also offer on-location training at customer sites, reducing customer travel costs and providing customized training for specific environments.

Our customers represent more than 135 countries and every type of helicopter operation. Bell training instructors are held to the high standards of excellence and a genuine interest in the safety and success of those they teach. Bell is committed to maintaining the same quality standard in our training programs as we have for building our aircraft.

Attendance Information

Training Programs

  • Pilot ground training and advanced with flight training devices.
  • Pilot flight training using Bell-owned and customer aircraft.
  • Mechanical, electrical and avionics training in a environmentally controlled shop area. Includes training on production representative helicopters; operational cutaway mockups; a composite repair room and a separate component overhaul room. Over half of the training is hands-on skill enhancing and performance focused instruction.
  • Heliprops - Professional Pilot Safety Program addressing human factors.
  • Offsite training anywhere in the world using customer's aircraft.
  • Night vision goggle training for civil operators, the first FAA FAR Part 141 certified courses in the world. The courses are available in Fort Worth, Texas or offsite at a customer-specified location and include classroom instruction and flight time.
  • Multilingual courses available.

Bell Training Academy Achievements

  • Flight instruction hours combined equal more than 375 years.
  • Total flight hours exceed 230,000.
  • Combined experience of technical instructors is more than 250 years.
  • HAI Outstanding Flight Instructor awards.
  • HAI Safety and Communications awards.
  • First FAA-approved night vision goggle course in the world.
  • The Bell Training Academy is an affiliate of the Whirly Girls Association

Floyd Carlson Airfield

The Floyd Carlson Airfield opened on July 9, 2018. The airfield offers a raised landing platform and runways for training critical emergency landing maneuvers – a world-recognized differentiator of Bell’s customer training experience.

Named in honor of our most notable pilot. For over 40 years, Floyd Carlson flew every first flight of a Bell aircraft. A true pioneer, Carlson’s legacy represents the passion and dedication of our people.

Academy Contacts

Physical Address Mailing Address Contacts
Bell Training Academy
9601 E. Trinity Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76118
Bell Training Academy
Mail Stop 8A-61
P.O. Box 482
Fort Worth, Texas 76101
Phone: (800) 368-2355