Bell 407GXi

Offering next-generation in pilot experience, connectivity, precision navigation and enhanced engine control.

The Bell 407GXi incorporates new avionics, an upgraded engine, and new executive interior design options. With Garmin’s G1000H® NXi Integrated Flight Deck pilots benefit from high-definition displays and faster processors that provide increased brightness and clarity, faster startup and map rendering as well as an option for connectivity to tablets and smartphones. The Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 dual-channel FADEC turbine engine delivers exceptional hot and high performance, fuel efficiency and the ability to cruise at 133 kts/246 km/h. Newly designed executive configuration options bring a modernized look and passenger experience to the five-seat club cabin.

140 kts Max Speed
2,550 lbs. Useful Load (IGW)
6 Passengers
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SPEEDS at max gross wt
VNE 140 kts 259 km/h
Max Cruise 133 kts 246 km/h
Range at VLRC* 337 nm 624 km
Max Endurance* 4.0 hrs
Standard Seating 1+6
Maximum Seating 1+6
Standard Fuel 127.8 US gal 483.8 liters
Aux Fuel 19 US gal 71.9 liters
Cabin Volume** 85 ft³ 2.4 m³
Aft (Baggage) Compartment Volume 16 ft³ 0.5 m³
Empty Weight (Base 407GXi Aircraft) 2,700 lbs 1,224 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal, Standard) 5,000 lbs 2,268 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal, Optional) 5,250 lbs 2,381 kg
Max Gross Weight (External Load) 6,000 lbs 2,722 kg
Useful Load (Internal, Standard, Base 407GXi) 2,300 lbs 1,043 kg
Useful Load (Internal, Optional, Base 407GXi) 2,550 lbs 1,156 kg
Cargo Hook Capacity 3,100 lbs 1,406 kg

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